Type MC-HL & MV-105 or MC-HL
Oil & Gas Offshore Upstream Cables

CORFLEX® MC-HL and MV-105 or MC-HL

CORFLEX cables are designed for reliable performance in oil and gas applications requiring an externally armored cable. Exceptional fire ratings, impact resistance, flexibility and an impervious metallic sheath are key features of this popular cable product. CORFLEX installation may be in wet or dry locations, in trays, troughs, wireways, directly buried or embedded in concrete. It can also be used in plenums (with no outer coverings), ducts and other airways per NEC 2008 and NEC 2011 Article 300.22.

  • Instrumentation Cables (600V)
  • Power and Control Cables (600V)
  • Composite Power and Control Cables (600V)
  • Power Cables (600V)
  • Medium Voltage Cables (5 - 15kV)
The Original MC-HL Technology

In 1958 Canada Wire and Cable, which is now part of Nexans, developed the first continuous corrugated and welded cable sheath. This product proved to be ideal for the oil and gas industry where liquid and gas ingress in hazardous operating conditions is a huge safety issue.

The CORFLEX® trademark was registered in 1960, and more than 50 years later continues to be recognized as a symbol of excellence for continuously corrugated cable in the MC-HL and MV-105 or MC-HL markets.

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