The History of GEXOL

It All Began at GE

GEXOL® (pronounced Jex-ALL is a cable insulating material created in the 1950s by General Electric (GE) Wire & Cable for use on their new generation of diesel-electric locomotives. Because of the unique operating environment within these high-powered locomotives, an equally high-performing cable insulating material was needed to withstand the vibration, wide temperature ranges and exposure to oil and other chemicals present in the traction motor compartment.

GEXOL was formulated by GE specifically to:

  • Withstand high (+125°F) and low (-40°C) temperatures
  • Resist various oils and chemicals within the locomotive generator compartment
  • Maintain flexibility when traction motors are removed for servicing
The Move Into Oil & Gas

In the mid-1970’s the land and offshore drilling industry began utilizing SCR drives for power generation with the same type of traction motors used in locomotives – spawning a new market for this type of cable. GEXOL-XR Drilling Rig Cable was created to meet this growing requirement.

GEXOL Comes to AmerCable

During the early 1980s, GE Wire and Cable closed its manufacturing facilities and sold its proprietary compound formulas, with Union Carbide Corporation acquiring the rights to GEXOL. In 1987 Union Carbide entered into a licensing agreement with AmerCable for production of GEXOL to insulate drilling and transit industry cable products. AmerCable then obtained multi-national listings and certifications for the GEXOL marine product line under family group 37-102.

Recognizing the unlimited potential of this product line, AmerCable purchased all rights, patents, and formulas for GEXOL from Union Carbide in the early 1990s. 

GEXOL Formulations

AmerCable’s chemists and engineers have expanded the original formula into new GEXOL cable product lines for oil and gas upstream and downstream facilities, general industrial and rail transportation applications. New GEXOL cable formulations include:

  • Fire-resistant
  • Halogen-free
  • Drilling mud resistant
  • Crush and Impact Resistant (CIR) without external armoring
  • Flexible VFD
  • Extreme cold

GEXOL-insulated cables are the industry standard for flexible, reliable performance in the harshest operating environments. With GEXOL’s superior flexibility, dielectric properties, oil and chemical resistance, and wide temperature operating range, AmerCable will continue to utilize this amazing insulating material in the development of innovative cable products that keep pace with technological advancements.

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