Top Drive Service Loops


Manufactured For The Toughest Land Drilling Environments

Nexans AmerCable Systems produces two types of service loops to best match each drilling operation's requirements: traditional hose-encased service loops and AmerCable's patented AmerLink jacketed service loops.

Since 1993, the Systems Group has been producing high-quality top drive service loops. Our service loops are built to withstand the harsh operating conditions and dynamic stress presented by the well drilling process. 

Nexans AmerCable Systems service loops are designed and produced at our state-of-the-art cable and service loop production facilities – core bundles in El Dorado, Arkansas and completion in Houston, Texas. Each loop is computer tested and packaged in weatherproof containers prior to shipping.

All AmerCable System service loops comply with IEEE Std 2740-2020 recommendations.


Built Tougher. Keeps You Drilling Longer!

The AmerLink jacketed top drive service loop delivers higher, longer-lasting performance in a smaller diameter, lighter weight service loop. AmerLink is a significant design improvement over hose-encased loops. Its innovative construction elements work independently and collectively to support the weight and dynamic loads experienced in drilling operations. This next-generation, patented design eliminates many of the problems associated with hose-encased loops.

  • Direct drop-in
  • Reinforced industrial-strength jacket
  • 58% greater pull-out / breaking strength
  • Highly flexible, lighter weight and smaller bend radius
  • Conductors are naturally centered within jacket
  • Custom bracket design service for top drive upgrades

Nexans AmerCable Systems has been producing hose-encased service loops since 1993. This traditional loop design, designed and manufactured to provide longer service life, continues to be popular among drillers in the United States and globally.

  • Potted or non-potted  
  • 300V – 15kV AC  
  • DC Power
  • Instrumentation  
  • Composite Power & Control  
  • Thermocouple  
  • Fiber- or Electro-Optic  
  • Quick disconnects  


AmerCable System offers a standard line of AmerLink and hose-encased service loops - potted and non-potted - for all top drive models.

AmerLink Jacketed Service Loops - AWESOME!

AmerCable Service Loops fully comply with the new IEEE 2740-2020 standard for land rig top drive service loops

"The cable bundle used to build the power service loop should be uniformly twisted and have a lay-length suitable for the application."

                                                                       - Page 33 - IEEE std 2740 - 2020

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